Combat bunker „Włóczęga” - commander - second lieutenant of the reserve Marian Małkowski, 3 non-commissioned officers, 13 privates, in total – 17 soldiers. Heavy, concrete combat bunker „D” type, armaments: 1 anti-tank gun, celibre 37 mm, 3 machine guns „Browning”, calibre 7,92 mm, two of them in the rifle ranges, one at the top of the bunker. Armored combat-observation dome has not been installed, only sandbags on the roof of the bunker were arranged. „Włóczęga” has one emergency escape, one rocket launcher, grenade dump and shooter. Ventilation device, generator and reflectors were not installed. Bunker built in the period July-August 1939 took an active part in the battles 2-3 September 1939. Crew fought until all ammunition ended at 8.30 a.m. October 3th. Two soldiers died during the siege – coroporal Franciszek Tomaszek and corporal Bolesław Wiśniewski. In the 50's a residencial house was built in a bunker. Currently it is not available to visitors. 

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