Gmina (an administrative unit) Węgierska Górka, that includes villages Cięcina, Cisiec, Węgierska Górka and Żabnica, is located in the charming area of Żywiec region, along the Soła river. Its southeastern administrative and geographical borders are set along the tops of the mountains Romanka (1366 meters above sea level) Lipowska (1324 meters) and Prusów (1010 meters). The northwestern border is situated on the top of Barania Góra Mount – Glinne (1021 meters). Węgierska Górka and Cisiec are situated on the both banks of the Soła.

The name of the gmina derives from the defensive bulwarks erected by the landowners of Żywiec region – the Komorowscy (followed by the Wielkopolscy and the House of Habsburg) in case of Hungarian incursions. Other sources claim that the name Węgierska Górka comes from the period of Polish-Hungarians territorial disputes, when the Hungarian representative knelt on the land brought from his home country and claimed the right to Polish lands. 


At present, the area is one of the most attractive touristic regions in the South of Poland. It covers an area of  76,38 square kilometers with the population of 15 073. Its average population density is 197 people per square kilometer. The administrative centre of the gmina is located in the buildings by the main road in Węgierska Górka. There are also the the Gmina Office, the Public Library, the Police Station, the Post Office and the Cooperative Bank.